?What is the trend barrier

whats the trend barrier

مانع روند خطی ساده است که ما برای دانستن اینکه بازار کجا و چه موقع میتواند تعادل بدست بیاورد استفاده میکنیم.

این مقاله به زبان انگلیسی میباشد. برای مشاهده ی ترجمه ی فارسی مقاله ی خط مانع روند کلیک کنید.

.trend barrier is simple line we use to know where and when market could gain balance

?How to draw trend barrier

.in up trend(higher highs and higher lows) we connect at least 2 high and extend it forward

We connect two highs and extend it forward

(Now we expect price to gain balance and run out of energy at this line(simple trend barrier

Also In downtrend(lower highs and lower lows) we connect two lows and extend it forward

Its is more likely that price run out of energy at this line

sometimes price break trend barrier and market loses balance

in this scenario its possible that our trend barrier become center line of action reaction

now we expect price to reach R1

And maybe gain balance at R1

remember : for every action there is always equal and opposite reaction

Kamran Jafargholi

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