?What is the median line

خط میانی اندیکاتوری پیشرو برای مشخص کردن مسیر و فرکانس احتمالی موج در آینده میباشد.
در این مقاله به معرفی خط میانی اورجینال ساده و نحوه ترسیم آن میپردازم.
این مقاله به زبان انگلیسی نگارش شده است. همچنین ترجمه ی فارسی مقاله ی خط میانی  را بخوانید.


The median line (Andrew’s pitchfork) is a simple line wich can show  the possible path of price. Its the leading indicator that trader can use to  project the line of balance forward


How to draw median line

 Three alternate pivot point are needed to draw a simple median line

first we must detect p0,p1 and p2 ، In second step we need the middle of p1p2 line


(magenta circle is middle of p1p2 line)

Then we connect p0 to this center and extend this line forward


blue line is an original simple median line

After that we draw two parallel line from p1 and p2


now we have three lines (one median line and two parallel or median lines H( letter “H” stands for parallel)

In theory we expect price to run out of energy at the mlh and gains balance at the median line

Median line is a great tool for framing the trade and create the trading environment on our chart

When we have ascending slope (like our blue median line) its better to buy at mlh and close the position at the next line (andrew’s 5th principle)

Its better to trade in the direction of the trend, when we have ascending line slope its wiser to buy and when we have descending line slop its better to sell

?How do you use the median line through your trading
use your brain so there are many ways to use it


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